How To Find Your Ikigai With Astrology

In Japanese, Ikigai is supposedly the divinely ordained calling that brings us fulfillment in life. Who doesn’t want to live that paradigm!?  But as you know nothing worthwhile comes easy…

via nissa

First, I had to be clear about what I love… which took time. I had to learn how to love myself first, before loving another, a thing, or an idea. This is Venus and the 2nd & 5th house in your astrology. 


Second, you need to know what you’re good at. You have to break so many barriers within yourself just to give it a try, not be afraid of the outcome, withstand ridicule on a regular basis, have the resilience to try again, and learn patience to improve yourself slowly and steadily. Skills take time, energy, resources, money, and sanity. How’s your 3rd House in your chart?


Third, what gets you paid? 6th house Astrology. We get confused on the difference between Career, Job, Vocation, and Hobby. As we live in the economy, of all four is what you need to get paid. You need to take care of your finances before your passion. Since we’re all grown up here, don’t place your wishbone where your spine needs to be. If you don’t have profit clarity, what you have is: a hobby. 


Fourth, what the world needs. Ah, this is of course the driving force of supply and demand. Makes sense. But, I’m also romantic about each one of us serving a purpose. I believe in activating and giving what is within us: The Sun, the MC, the Nodal Axis, and 11th House, in astrology.

So, I love Ikigai. BUT, I don’t want anybody thinking they’re going to stumble upon it. The fairy tale notion that is going to arrive in your life effortlessly, nope. There’s a part for you to play here and the breadcrumbs to Ikigai are gound through curiousity. Following your curiosity IS your part! 


Then, you date your curiosity, feel it’s vibe, see if it’s potential is long term and see if you can co-create. Regardless of the outcome, you’re creating art out of your own life in the meantime. Choosing a life that pulls you forward instead of fostering fear that gets you nowhere. 


What I have learned is that any success is earned from a lot of failures. So my practice every day is to summon myself and say:


Let’s fail.

Fail again. 

Fail better.

And never quit. A